GOSH Body Oil 200 ml - Anti Pollution

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Product Features
ANTI-POLLUTION BODY OIL with Samphire is formulated to nourishes and protect very dry skin. Leaves the skin soft and protected against external pollutants. The formulation rebuilds and gives skin intense moisture.

ANTI-POLLUTION BODY OIL penetrates easily without greasing an strengthens the skin’s natural elasticity. Leaves the skin soft, smooth, deeply hydrated and with a healthy glow.

Hydrasalinol is an oil derived from the Samphire plant and is a powerful active ingredient for skin hydration. Hydrasalinol stimulates the expression protein in the skin and acts on all causes of skin dryness.

Product Info

Important Arguments

  • Restore moisture to very dry skin
  • Increases the hydration level in the skin
  • Prevents water loss
  • Repairs & nourishes
  • Strengthens the skin’s natural elasticity
  • Protection against external pollutants
  • Penetrates the skin without greasing
  • Healthy skin tone
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